Celebrating a vibrant heritage through stories, recipes, and new ways to connect online.


Since the first Hennessy US website in 2012, their followers have become even more engaged with online content and social media. How can a refreshed Hennessy website keep consumers connected to the vibrant and new stories that define this 250 year-old brand?

Website Design  •  Designer @ Odopod  •  Summer 2016  •  hennessy.com

Finding the right look

Beginning with the homepage, we explored designs that connected to both the history of Hennessy and the vibrant culture of the brand today. This called for some bold moves that still express a distinguished and refined look.

We decided to lead with a few large stories followed by a collection of evergreen tiles pointing to other key pages of the site. Using a clever masking technique, we were able to have the text and imagery interact with each other. This moment of overlapping elements defined our approach as we continued designing the site.


Vibrant stories across the globe

We created the Life page as a home for all of Hennessy's stories. These include artist collaborations, cocktail recipes, social posts, and exclusive events.

To make the stories feel fresh and energetic, we designed a system of flexible modules that cover the wide variety of content shown.


Each article opens as a modal on top of the current page. This lets the user quickly dive into and out of stories.

Users can simply scroll to the bottom of the article and return where they left off on the Life page.

135 cocktails and counting

At the top of the Cocktails page, a feature carousel highlights some of Hennessy's unique and classic recipes. A new search bar with predictive text gives the user a quick way to discover recipes by style, ingredients, and Hennessy collection.

Categories based on style and season let the user easily explore the large collection of recipes. We cropped in on the cocktail photography to create textural thumbnails that represent the category. Cocktail articles also appear within this page to tell the stories of Hennessy's craft.


Connecting with users

The Hennessy website offers new ways for users to connect with the brand online. We partnered with Drizly to make ordering Hennessy possible directly from the site. Users can also engrave custom messages on the bottle as part of the new gifting section.

Users can also create an account that lets them bookmark favorite cocktail recipes and discover upcoming Hennessy events. This page also shows their progress of the Hennessy Academy, an experience that walks through the heritage of the cognac brand.


Take a stroll through the site

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©2018 Tyler Somers. All Rights Reserved. Built with Semplice and passion.

©2018 Tyler Somers. All Rights Reserved. Built with Semplice and passion.

©2018 Tyler Somers. All Rights Reserved. Built with Semplice and passion.