Samsung Milk Reader.

A quick and exciting reading experience tailored for a new generation.


Young people are not reading in the same way as their parents. They read, but the existing services just don’t have an appeal for them. How can Samsung bring all kinds of content together into a new and unified experience that feels light and useful?

App Concept  •  Designer @ Odopod  •  Spring 2015

Fast and personalized content

Using quick brainstorming sessions, we explored a wide variety of ideas from fast and simple interactions to long and deep engagements. All of this exploration boiled down to the following four concepts.

While there were aspects of each concept that we liked, we found the most success with Concept 2, Tinder for Reading. By monitoring the reader’s behaviors, likes, and dislikes, the content becomes more tuned to the user over time. It is simple to use in fleeting moments when there are only a few minutes to catch up on the latest stories yet also allows users to go down a proverbial rabbit hole when interests and time aligns.

Concept 1 —
TV Channels

Fastest way to quickly catch up on the latest stories.

•  Simple interactions

•  Lot’s of content discovery

•  Fast and focused

•  Predictable & dependable content

Concept 2 —
Tinder for Reading

Tune into an ever changing river of stories with your preferences along the way.

•  Constantly personalized

•  Lot’s of content discovery

•  Single stream of content

•  Fast, tactile, & playful interactions

Concept 3 —
Daily Issue

An experience that encourages reading and absorbing stories in digestible doses.

•  Focused on the reading experience

•  Tuned to absorb more words

•  Birds eye view experience

•  Good for multiple kinds of content

Concept 4 —
Building Habits

Learns and caters to behaviors, while encouraging new and better habits to maintain.

•  Highly contextual to the user

•  Learns from user behavior

•  Breaks up content into chunks

•  Rewards for building better habits

Finding the right look

As we were searching for the core concept of this product, we also began to explore visual executions and unique interactions. Working on both of these together allowed us to discover interesting ideas and push and gave us a quicker start on the visual design.

We explored using vibrant colors and inviting layouts that fit within the Samsung family of native products. We also played with possible forms and shapes that content could become such as bubbles and translucent menus.


Cards made of vellum

A goal for this app was to show large and colorful moments without obscurring the article. To do this, each image fills the entire screen and a tranlucent card sits on top to show details about the content.

We created a system of card layouts for the variety of content including articles, books, and featured collections. Achievement cards are also mixed into the feed and show reading stats and rewards.


Simple gestures such as swiping down to save and up to dislike let’s the app learn from the user. Suggested articles and content are the curated based on these patterns.


Design by motion

While designing the look of the product, I was also creating animated prototypes to preview our intended interactions and gestures. This helped to highlight problems of the design and iterate quickly on solutions.

The interactions that happen within an article were also part of this motion study. Opening and closing articles were made to feel seemless by having the cards transform as the user moves through the app.

Hidden gestures offer faster ways for users to move throughout the app. While these features enhance the experience, they are not necessary for navigation.

Moments of discovery

By injecting related content both within and at the end of the article, the user is able to continue reading without the need of returning to the feed. As they use the app more, related content will become more personalized.


Putting it all together

To wrap up the Samsung Milk Reader project, we created a video that highlighted the key features and unique interactions of our app concept. I’m proud of the incredible ideas explored and the final result.

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©2018 Tyler Somers. All Rights Reserved. Built with Semplice and passion.

©2018 Tyler Somers. All Rights Reserved. Built with Semplice and passion.

©2018 Tyler Somers. All Rights Reserved. Built with Semplice and passion.